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Got Questions?

We're here to answer some general questions!

As we answer some questions here, we highly advise all renters and customers interested in our service to read our Terms & Conditions as it has a lot more in depth information.

Yes, all our photos are actually shots of our premium vehicles.

The process to book a vehicle is extremely simple.

  1.  Select a vehicle of choice.
  2. Submit a “Request Booking” form and make sure you go through our Terms & Conditions.
  3. Once approved, meet us at a designated area to pick up your vehicle.

If notified within 7 days, we will fully refund your deposit and any other amount.

If notified any later, you will forfeit 50% of your deposit.

We charge the renter the full rental fee at the time of entering the agreement.

There is a $150 charge for any vehicles returned later than the given timeframe.

The minimum age is 25 and above.

We do not tolerate any smoking and pets in any of our vehicles.

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